Identify the Need

The Department of Social Services and school officials are often the first to recognize a child in need. Teachers, counselors, nurses, social workers and staff members know of Currituck Kids and how to contact us through the Public School Central Office and the Department of Social Services.

Satisfy the Need

When the need is recognized, Currituck Kids, along with the Department of Social Services, work to meet the need as quickly as possible. Working together, the organizations can meet immediate needs while working on long-term solutions without duplicating efforts.

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Lasting Benefits

It's never too early (or late) to help school-age children.  Children who have an enriched educational experience are less likely to repeat grades, need special education, or get into future trouble. Childhood education is  one of the best investments we can make to ensure a brighter future for our children and our community.

Read What The Kids have to say...

Have we helped a child you know?   Let us hear your story.  We'd love to tell our donors  about it.  

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